Sunday, November 25, 2012


Some music for a Blue Monday.

"'Lagan' is a collection of work that began in 2009 once Izalith founder lien.m returned from China with no band, no place to live and no clear goal of how to achieve the sound he had worked on with 'Gnomon' and 'Nemozin' (soon to be released). 'Lagan' marks a burgeoning interest and naive approach to the experimental and electronic work that lien became exposed to during the course of '09 - 2011, with less-than-subtle nods to Rafael Anton Irisarri, Ben Frost, Christian Fennesz and Tomas Dvorak. The work included on this album are experimentations and explorations of timbres not usually associated with rock or metal, and was a place to find new sounds to use on future material. Thank you for sharing the adventure."

Work still continues on finishing the vocals up for 'Nemozin' and several other corresponding releases, as well as mastering a friend's record which has already trumped anything i've ever done. Please enjoy these broken little things, and the broken little tapes i've put them on. i can't afford vinyl pressing. i hate CD's. Come be nostalgic with me. Thank you.

- lien.m


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