Wednesday, December 19, 2012

To Give Up Power EP


Just when you thought you couldn't take anymore, here's a little bit of music for a quiet, snowy Wednesday before i trapse off to Missouri for the week. The gorgeous artwork for this EP was taken by the ever brilliant, talented and purple Brisa Aceves, who does some amazing things with film photography and will also be responsible for the artwork for the next two releases. You should peruse her gallery here:

If it seems as though i'm hemorrhaging music at the moment, let me explain. i've been writing and recording music for the last ten years without any desire to release anything primarily because things like Bandcamp, Soundcloud and Facebook either weren't there or weren't very useful as outlets for music yet, and due to my own baffling insecurities.

In 2o11, a very good friend of mine (we'll just call her MLK), urged me to release my music (i had five albums worth, by this time, thanks to never playing live) and just let other people discern its worth. So for the past year i've been digging through the vaults, throwing a lot a way, and organizing anything with some gleam of truth into cohesive thoughts (singles, EP's, albums, etc.). It's my judgment at this point that if any of this work, my process of 'growing up', has any worth it will be kept going by those who are listening to it, hence the ephemeral mailing list EP's and so on.

Hope it isn't too much, and that you're all right there with me when the world ends on Friday (don't burst my bubble!).

- lien

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